What is PCB?

Feb 08, 2018

PCB refers to printed circuit board. PCB is a think board used to connect electrical components using copper tracks instead of wires. Holes drilled in the board are used to fix the electrical components in position. They are then soldered to secure them in position and the copper tracks link them together forming a circuit. The board and the components together are known as a PCB Assembly.

These days once the design process has been carried out using computer aided design (CAD) and a plan is formed the manufacture of PCBs can be fast as it is automated through machinery and computer technology. The next part is the testing and quality control element of the process.

The fact that the circuit is on a fixed board offers uniformity to the design and therefore finding and identifying problematic components is much easier. This means that they are much quicker to fix and maintain. This also means the chances of making a mistake in rewiring is much lower as the electronics are in a set place.

We can provide one stop PCB assembly, full turneky board assembly, PCBA clone and so on.

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