Alignment Control in Multilayer PCB

Mar 02, 2018

Multilayer PCB fabrication is a very sophisticated process especially when many layers are involved on a small size board. As the gadgets are getting smaller and smaller - dictated by the ergonomics features that the consumer expects - we are required to fit more components per square inch than ever before. Circuit assembly becomes a challenge. Although by using modern computer software it is relatively easy to design an electronic scheme and print it through advanced etching techniques, it's when the layers have to come together that we can be faced with problems.

If the copper sheets are not aligned perfectly, the whole system will fail to work because the current won't flow between the sheets or the wrong points will come into contact. The circuit will malfunction, reducing all the design effort to nothing.

Earlier the manufacturers of multilayer PCB used mechanical contact methods to align layers. Now it is much more easier. With imaging systems it is possible to use cameras to align the layers top to bottom and if imprecision is detected, they can be positioned in order to fit properly.

As a Multilayer PCB supplier, we can produce 2 layer hasl PCB production, multilayer hasl PCB such as 6 layer PCB board, 4 layer PCB board, etc.

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