Feature Capability
Base material PI 、FR4、 PET Cu
Flexible Insulator PI : 1/2mil(12.5um)to 5mil (127um)
Pet: 1/2mil(12.5um)to 5mil (127um)
Conductor (Copper)
Rolled Annealed (RA)
Electrodeposited (ED))
Thickness: 1/3oz(12um) to 6 oz(200um)
Adhesive Acrylic Adhesive: 1/2mil(12.5um) to 3mil (760um)
Adhesiveness Materials
Solder Mask PI / PET Covered in layers PI and PET film
Resist Oil Solder Mask resist oil )
Stiffener PI PET thickness:0.075-0.3mm
FR4(thickness): 0.2-3mm
Steel thicknes: 0.075-0.5mm
Rigid - Flexible PI+FR4 (thickeness): 3 to 125mil
Surface Finish Tin Immersion Tin
Gold Immersion Gold tickness: 0.025-0.05um
Electrolytic Hard Gold thickness:>0.05um
Silver Immersion Silver
OSP Organic Solerability Preservative
Shielding Black Electromagnetic Film, Required to limit Electromagnetic and/or Electrostatic
Impedance Impedance tolerance:+/-10%
Layers 1to 8 layers(Flexbile,Rigid-Flexible)
Product Size Max. Size:1420*400mm
Min. Size:2.5*2.5mm
Outline tolerance Hand Tirm tolerance:+/-0.2mm
Cutter Dies tolerane:+/-0.2mm
Punch Dies tolerance:+/-0.075mm
Laser Cut tolerance:+/-0.05mm
Min. hole dimension Drilling(P.T.H) Machine Drilling: ¢0.15mm
Laser Drilling: ¢0.05mm
Punching ¢0.50mm
Tolerance of PTH ±0.05mm
Conductor Min. Width (Min. width): 1.5mil    Tolerance:+/-15%
Min. Spacing (Min. Spacing): 1.5mil   Tolerance:+/-15%
Pad Min. Pad: 0.25mm
Stiffener Holes Min. stiffener Holes: 0.2mm
Peeling strength 1.0KGf/CM  0.5KGf/CM