Thick-Copper PCB

With the highly development of telecommunications and electronics industry, thick copper board is widely required by PCB customer.    Thick copper PCB is mainly used for central power system and power electronic devices, which is because it enables the board to conduct higher current and decrease the product size.    

Normally thick copper board mean the finished copper thickness of the board is more than 4OZ(140um), this is the most important factor for us to compare the thick copper PCB from those standard PCB with 1OZ or 2OZ copper.

Copper PCB manufacturing Capabilities Table

Quality Grade Standard IPC II
Number of layers 2-10 layers
Order quantity 5pcs---10000pcs+
Build time 24H---3weeks
Material FR4 standard Tg150, Tg170
Board Thickness  0.2-3.5MM
Soldermask Color Green, red, yellow, blue,   white, black.
Silkscreen color White, black
Surface finish HASL, HASL lead free, ENIG


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